IT Assessments Lead to Game-Changing Business Improvement

03 February, 2023
LightHouse IT Assessment
Chart your course to better IT with the LightHouse Assessment

As business owners we have a love/hate relationship with technology. We love the efficiency tech delivers and hate the complexity, the security risks and it’s perishable nature: Looking at you: you eight-year old sluggish laptop running out of disk space and with a battery that drains faster than I drain my coffee cup! An It Assessment will lead to better business decision making.

When it comes to IT, the old saying must be modified: if it ain’t broke, fix it before it is. A periodic IT Assessment —  like the ones LightHouse conducts for its clients — is a great start. Here are three reasons why:

1.     Ever-Increasing Communication Volume. Tech advancements never stop leapfrogging the tools we are currently using. That does not necessarily mean replacing hardware more frequently, it could mean that your current assumptions are based on dated ideas. Email is a great example! Not long ago email provided an efficient, reliable way to communicate with clients and vendors, but overtime the sheer volume of email has made sorting and prioritizing communications onerous. If you are using email as a “conversation tool,” especially internally, you are missing out. Many businesses are  moving to messaging available on platforms such as MS teams for shorter, faster internal communications. A LightHouse assessment reveals where you can take advantage of advancements like these and others.

2.     Dynamic Work Environments  Our work environment has changed dramatically over the last few years and all indications are that where and how we work will continue to be dynamic.  Whether your workers are remote, hybrid or onsite — each environment demands a comprehensive set of IT protocols to keep your workers productive and your company data safe. If you have not run a comprehensive review of your environment in the last few years, you’re overdue. LightHouse has you covered. Our assessment team will provide strategies to wrangle remote working loose ends: from support through security and asset tracking.

3.    Security, Security, Security! We know what your thinking, “I can skate under the radar. Its the big guys that get hacked for ransom!” Yes, that was once true, but today? Security breaches have been democratized! The bad guys are optimized and automated. The whole process of shutting your business down and holding you hostage for ransom is all done by bots so it is now cost effective to breach small and middle market enterprises. (And really easy too, since so many are completely unprotected.) Like a fast food chain, bad actors use a high volume, low margin, optimized model making “small value” ransoms profitable. It may be a small value to the bad actor, but a big painful amount for a small business. The LightHouse IT Assessment will reveal where you are most vulnerable and show you what it will take to harden your business, then we’ll harden your business for you.

The LightHouse IT Assessment is a game changer and a ground leveler: in short order you will know where you stand and where you need to go. With the assessment completed, the LightHouse team will take over your tech, tidy it up, run it efficiently and optimize it for maximum business value.

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Chart a course to better IT for your business – and peace of mind!

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