Managed IT Services for Professional Services Firms

Don’t Lose Another Minute of Billable Time to Slow Technology

Attorneys, accountants, insurance, consultants, engineers, architects and financial services thrive on great service delivery.  That’s exactly what gets hobbled when computing and networks don’t function well.  For practice leads, support staff and management to succeed your IT must reliably serve you.  You require computers and networks that meet the demands of your practice, client data secure, compliant and reliably available to your entire team – no matter their location. LightHouse managed IT services for professional service firms delivers confidence and peace of mind.

Light House IT Managed Services for Professional Service Firms
Professional Services Firms Trust LightHouse for  Managed IT Services
LightHouse IT Managed Services for professional services
Secure your remote employees with LIghtHouse IT Managed services for professional service firms
  • Attorneys

  • Accountants

  • Insurance

  • Consultants

  • Engineers

  • Architects

  • Financial Services

  • Wealth Managers

It all starts with the LightHouse expert assessment – in just one day you’ll be on your way with robust managed IT services!

Easy to understand, the LightHouse Assessment shows where you are now and charts a course to better IT. Presented with clear explanations, it empowers managers at growing businesses to make smart business decisions across four vital areas:

1. Networks

LANs, WLANs, WANs, VOIP, IPs, everything that connects you to co-workers, customers and the world.

2. Computing

Laptops, desktops, tablets, smart phones, apps – everything you rely on day in and day out.

3. Shared Resources

Private cloud, public cloud or local servers holding data, apps and more – everything essential to enabling your teams to operate efficiently.

4. Security & Resiliency

Firewalls, anti-phishing, compliance, authentication  – essentials to protect you from the latest threats.

All systems go!

Anticipated repairs and upgrades required.

Urgent attention required!

At LightHouse we are IT people who speak fluent business — our assessment speaks your language.   We clearly break it down for you. Then, through our managed services we work to turn each amber and red light green.

Run Your Professional Services Firm With Confidence!

Our process has been fine tuned through years of experience and best practices. Onboarding is a snap.  LightHouse takes charge, delivering robust managed IT services and systematically takes care of you. Here’s how:

  • LightHouse IT Assessment and Support for Professional Service Firms LightHouse IT Assessment and Support for Professional Service Firms

    1. Assess

    We begin with our comprehensive expert assessment. We show you where your IT stands and where improvements should be made.

  • Run your professional services firm with confidence with LightHouse managed IT Services Run your professional services firm with confidence with LightHouse managed IT Services

    2. Operate

    We take charge and operate your IT from day one. We provide help desk support, manage your networks, security and more. 

  • Optimize client service with LightHouse managed IT Services Optimize client service with LightHouse managed IT Services

    3. Optimize

    We set to work turning the amber and red lights on your assessment to green and we work to keep them that way. We optimize your IT infrastructure so you can run your business with complete peace of mind.

  • Advanced managed IT services by LIghtHouse Advanced managed IT services by LIghtHouse

    4. Advance

    Technology does not stand still  –  and neither do we.  Whether it’s new security threats that require new approaches or developing your IT infrastructure to meet the business demands of the moment, LightHouse is there with the solutions you need when you need them. 

Book an assessment today!

Chart a course to better IT for your business – and peace of mind!

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