29 June, 2020

Core Values Series – Leadership

29 June, 2020

LightHouse Core Values Series – Leadership

We would like to share some thoughts from members of the LightHouse team that relate to our core values.

The first is Leadership.

Leadership is not a position, but rather it is an attitude followed by action.  The following speaks to how you might grow in your ability to lead. 

Earning the Relationship

At some point in all of our careers we decided that the way forward was through our relationships with others and how we were going to build upon our success and learn from our challenges. Take a minute and think of that family member, coach, teacher or mentor that helped you craft your current successful you. In my case I have one in every category and I consider myself blessed to say that. Here are a few words of wisdom that were shared with me.

  • “THINK – PLAN – ACT” That was my Grandfather’s advice and it has served me well.
  • My best football coach once told me “if the guys on the line do not know you are grateful imagine what would happen.”
  • My favorite teacher asked me to “imagine what success looks like at the end of the term.”
  • Finally, one of my mentors whom many of you may know had this nugget “Today I will face the day with Faith, Courage and Enthusiasm (FC&E).”

You will have your own list to take stock from and what this all boils down to is how do you go about your days, week, months and years. Have you used the grandfather advice to work out the PLAN. Will you remember to tell everyone around you Thank You for their efforts. Have you viewed success and how is your FC&E.

When all of this is applied to earning the relationship, you owe it to yourself to put yourself in the other persons shoes. See it from their perspective and look for those relationships that will be mutually beneficial. I know it is easy to give into the challenges that we are facing and let some of the this slip by the wayside, that is where we pause take stock review the list and move forward.

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