01 August, 2020

Core Values Series – Introduction

01 August, 2020

I have worked for a few IT companies and all of the companies regardless of size have put a great deal of effort into core values. All of them had had some sort of Mission, Vision and Values statement. We have all been to a seminar, conference or all hands meeting where the company values are promoted, reviewed and discussed. When you think about your current organization when was the last time you reviewed or talked about your core values? Most likely you have them readily available on a card, in a presentation or displayed on your website. To have a set of core values means that your organization thought about how your entity will engage and be perceived in your marketplace. They are the foundation on which you will deliver on your company’s vision. We recently did an exercise to create a word wall that summed up what our core values mean to our teams. This was a great experience, it allowed for the team members to put into their own words what the LightHouse core values mean to them. We have an acronym of L.I.G.H.T that delivers our core values message. L is for Leadership. I is for Innovation. G is for Gratitude. H is for Heart and T is for Team. With a simple focused delivery L.I.G.H.T. is how we engage our clients and deliver on our shared vision. I am happy to share not only our L.I.G.H.T. word wall but our overall drive to be a partner in your success.

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