Manufacturing IT Support

Streamlining Your Production Line

From the shop floor to shipments going out the door, every second counts in the manufacturing industry. Your technology systems play a role in every step of your process, and you can’t afford unexpected outages that could result in significant damage to your bottom line. LightHouse delivers a reliable and efficient technology infrastructure so that your business can keep moving while still having the capacity to innovate and grow. Our experts are your one-stop resource for increased security, accessibility, efficiency, and productivity.

Switch Your Tech into High-Gear

We’ll Streamline IT

What to Expect with Manufacturing IT Support from LightHouse

Compliance with industry standards and regulations

Project-based contracts or long-term SLAs

Strategic guidance in overcoming technology challenges

Contingency planning and improved business continuity

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At LightHouse, we love overcoming challenges, especially industry challenges. With every new client, we expand our scope of knowledge. Take a look at some of the industries we serve to get a full grasp on how we tailor our IT solutions to fit industry-specific needs.

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Get an Overview of Our Technology Solutions

Looking for a specific solution to help you stay ahead of your competitors? Look no further. LightHouse stays on top of the latest technology innovations to help you reach your goals for today and tomorrow. Take a look at our primary solution offerings.

Managed IT

Technology consultants will manage your IT needs and lighten your load.

Network Security

Secure information with network firewall and data encryption.

Cloud Solutions

Managed cloud applications keep your business secure and competitive.

Business Communication

VoIP phone solutions keep your business current and properly connected.

My IT Team Needs Help

Co-managed IT solutions support your internal IT team with an experienced strategic partner.

Light the Path to Becoming an Industry Leader

Light the Path to Becoming an Industry Leader