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Keeping IT Projects On Time and On Budget

Technology projects have a lot of moving parts, dependencies, and uncertainties that can quickly spiral out of control. LightHouse has the skills, personnel, and experience to successfully implement your technology project in budget and on time.

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IT Projects Services

Project Planning

During the planning phase, our expert project managers work with you to ensure that all participants are in agreement regarding the project goal. We’ll discuss the intended outcomes and review the full scope of work. Together, we will create a plan that ensures the success of your critical IT project.

Project Implementation

Once the project plan has been completed, our experts will get to work. We’ll begin implementation, giving you updates throughout the process, which will include updated timelines and identification of risk factors. We’ll ensure you’re well informed so that you can be an effective participant in your project’s implementation. Our IT project manager will monitor and control the ongoing process so that everything stays on target and within the budget outlined in the project plan.

Project Closure and Review

After we’ve completed project implementation, we’ll double check that everything is working according to plan. We’ll monitor, review, and make any adjustments to ensure that the final product is not only up to our standards, but up to yours as well. Afterwards, we’ll work with you to transfer knowledge and ownership to your team so that they can support your new technology.

What to Expect with IT Projects Services from LightHouse

Proactive IT planning and execution

Timely project completion

On-demand expert support

Higher project success rates

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I Need Full-Time IT Support

Offload all tech-related tasks to us.

My IT Team Needs Help

Give your internal IT team an expert hand.

I Need to Secure My Business

Secure your business – inside and out.

I Want to Innovate with Cloud

Stay competitive with a seamless migration.

I Want Enhanced Voice Solutions

Take communication to the next level.

Shed Some Light on Your Technology Challenges

Shed Some Light on Your Technology Challenges