Co-Managed IT Services

More Experts. More Brainpower. Better Performance.

Adding another layer of technology expertise doesn’t mean you have to get rid of your already amazing IT team. You can lean on us for routine technology maintenance so that your internal team has more time to focus on strategic initiatives. We can fill in any knowledge gaps while helping you plan for your future. At LightHouse, we realize your people are your family. When you hire us, we want to be part of that family, too

Add an Extra Hand to Your Internal IT Team

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Co-Managed IT Services

Preventative Maintenance

Any form of downtime can directly impact productivity, revenue, and customer confidence. Although no one can prevent all technical problems, LightHouse takes a proactive approach so that issues can be resolved before your business feels the impact. Our team makes sure your network equipment, systems, and applications are properly maintained, secured, and optimized.

IT Consulting

Implementing new technology is difficult enough, but understanding all of the options and knowing what’s right for your business can be challenging for internal IT teams who aren’t regularly implementing new technologies. LightHouse has been in the business of helping businesses since 2003, and our engineers have been designing, planning, and implementing advanced technology solutions for years. While implementing your new solution, we’ll document processes and prepare your internal IT team to support the new technology. We can do IT – together.

Ongoing Support

When your technology isn’t working, you can’t waste time. You need a solution – and fast. LightHouse’s technical support can identify and resolve the issue, allowing you to quickly bounce back from unexpected downtime. Give us a call. Our team is there to resolve your issues 24/7 so that you can get back to a productive workday.

What to Expect with Co-Managed IT Services from LightHouse

24/7 proactive monitoring

Lowered operating costs

Minimized downtime

Automated backups

How Else Can We Help You?

Managed IT

Technology consultants will manage your IT needs and lighten your load.

Network Security

Secure information with network firewall and data encryption.

Cloud Solutions

Managed cloud applications keep your business secure and competitive.

Business Communication

VoIP phone solutions keep your business current and properly connected.

My IT Team Needs Help

Co-managed IT solutions support your internal IT team with an experienced strategic partner.

Shed Some Light on Your Technology Challenges

Shed Some Light on Your Technology Challenges