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A flexible phone solution can help you keep up with today’s fast-paced environment while staying connected to your team and customers. A voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) phone solution reduces costs, provides redundancy, and adds functionality, empowering your workforce to work smarter and more efficiently. LightHouse offers a variety of communication solutions, such as VoIP phone systems, SMS texting solutions, web chat solutions, video conferencing, instant messaging, and online meetings that empower your team to succeed. Count on our experts to deploy and maintain your VoIP phone system, helping you gain the versatility you need to better serve your customers and exceed your goals.

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VoIP Phone Solutions

Enhanced Mobility

Did you know that you can use your cell phone to perform the same tasks you’re used to doing from your desk phone? With our solution, you can transfer calls directly to other users at the office, record calls, or host a conference call. All calls route through your phone system, allowing your team to be be connected at any time from any place. At the same time, our phone system hides your employees’ personal phone numbers so they can have uninterrupted personal time, which will help them be more focused and productive when they’re at work. Productive employees bring more to the bottom line. This feature also brings extensive disaster recovery capabilities.

Advanced Communication Features

Hosted VoIP phone systems can take simple communication to the next level by integrating with applications like customer management, live chat, and real-time coaching tools to deliver new capabilities a standard phone system never could. We’ll work with you to ensure your VoIP system is fully integrated with your applications so you can service customers more efficiently and effectively.

Call Center Tools

Extensive call routing options, call management, and reporting allow you to optimize call flow and ensure your customer service team is on top of their game. Enterprise features, such as encrypted call recording, callback from queue, and skills-based routing, bring big capabilities to your small business. We’ve implemented numerous call centers, ranging in size from two to two hundred users. We’ll use that experience to help you streamline the customer experience, increasing sales and customer retention.


An open standards-based system gives you control of your communications. Centralize all your communications on one platform: office calls, mobile calls, chat, online meetings. You can even communicate with your customers via SMS, Facebook and Twitter! Our solution allows your team to focus on the customer, not the tools.

What to Expect with VoIP Phone Solutions from LightHouse

Simple conferencing and collaboration

Seamless integration for mobile and remote employees

Intelligent call distribution for high volume environments

24/7 system monitoring and remote support

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