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In today’s world, securing your network from outside attack is critically important. New security vulnerabilities are being reported every day, and security breaches have become a common story in the news. Companies of all sizes are struggling to manage the ever-changing landscape of IT security. LightHouse can help. We partner with you, helping you understand the security landscape while you teach us about your concerns and challenges. Together, we can implement an affordable and practical security solution that fits your needs.

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Security Solutions

Firewall Management

Our security experts start their work at your network’s perimeter by implementing a state-of-the-art firewall designed to keep your network and your business safe. As part of the implementation, we tune your firewall for maximum security and performance. After everything is in place and working to specification, we keep your firewall updated and patched to ensure that your network is prepared to repel all of the latest threats.

Endpoint Protection

LightHouse offers a suite of solutions to provide comprehensive real-time protection for all endpoints, including servers, desktop computers, laptops, and mobile devices. We use best-in-class anti-virus combined with DNS security to protect your devices from malware, phishing attacks, and potentially malicious websites. Our operations management software will keep your endpoints up-to-date by automatically installing critical security patches. At the end of the day, our solutions give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your endpoints are protected from current security threats.

Security Awareness Training

Many IT organizations and leadership teams ignore the most important security component of all: humans. An unprepared team member can unintentionally help attackers compromise your network, while a well-informed staff can avoid security breaches before they even happen. LightHouse can help train you and your staff to identify and avoid potential security risks.

Secure Backup

When’s the last time that you checked your backups? Do you know for certain that you’ve got an offsite copy of your critical data? Many people don’t think about their backups until they need them, which may be too late. LightHouse has decades of experience helping clients implement, manage, monitor, verify, and replicate backups.

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