Cloud-Based Solutions

Cost-Effective Cloud-Based Solutions for Small to Mid-Size Businesses

LightHouse’s talented team of engineers will explain the many benefits of working within a cloud environment and ensure accurate cloud implementation each and every time.

When you use LightHouse’s cloud-hosting services, you’ll use our secure data center servers to store and manage your data. This gives you the opportunity to purchase only the services you need – when you need them – and have them managed locally by us, which gives you more time to focus on other aspects of your business.

With LightHouse’s cloud services, you have access to your data remotely, allowing you to check your work from anywhere, anytime. For example, through our QuickBooks hosting option, powered by technology from Citrix, one of our many IT partners, you can securely access your financial data from any device including smart phones and tablets while having the peace-of-mind that your data is secured and protected.

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Cloud-Based Solutions

Hosted Email

Email hosted via Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Office keeps you connected to your email, calendar and contacts from anywhere on any device.

Cloud-Hosted Applications

Applications delivered over the Internet to multiple platforms including PC, Mac, iPhone and Android.

Cloud-Based Infrastructure

Infrastructure designed to scale as your business grows, but without the high cost of hardware and software purchases.

In-House/On-Premise Cloud Infrastructures

Solutions that help maximize internal IT resources, while retaining complete control over security.

What to Expect with Managed IT Services from LightHouse

24/7 proactive monitoring

Lowered operating costs

Minimized downtime

Automated backups

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I Need Full-Time IT Support

Offload all tech-related tasks to us.

My IT Team Needs Help

Give your internal IT team an expert hand.

I Need to Secure My Business

Secure your business – inside and out.

I Want to Innovate with Cloud

Stay competitive with a seamless migration.

I Need Help with an IT Project

Strategize and achieve with expert help.

I Want Enhanced Voice Solutions

Take communication to the next level.

Shed Some Light on Your Technology Challenges

Shed Some Light on Your Technology Challenges