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We offer a full line of HP computers including traditional and all-in-one desktops, business-line laptops, workstations with all-in-one options , POS and thin client technology. If you are looking to update your office workstations or supply your sales team with the latest laptops, we have a wide selection of HP products from which to choose:


The traditional HP desktop options are energy efficient, have long life cycles, security and high productivity. HP's all-in-one desktops are available to save space and streamline your workspace while providing the same efficiency and productivity as the traditional desktops.


LightHouse can provide your team with the latest, high-performance HP business-line laptops, including both the HP ProBook and EliteBook model lines. They offer powerful computing, security and the ability to accommodate workstation applications. Consider extending your standard HP warranty with the HP Care Pack service plan, which offers additional hardware support, installation and education services, and premium support options.


For larger companies with advanced or sophisticated computing requirements, the workstation is a viable option. Available in either traditional or all-in-one versions, a workstation offers high performance memory and heavy workload capability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.


Thin Client Technology

We offer Thin Client solutions to help better manage, secure and deliver data from your virtual computing environment, whether you are in a high density computing environment, remote or branch location or high security industry.

To learn more about LightHouse's POS or Thin Client solutions, contact us today.


We offer four models of HP's ProLiant servers that fit various business models and requirements and provide your business with advanced performance, scalability and expandability to keep productivity at its best. Your options are:

DL (Rack Mount Server): The DL server is ideal for data centers with space constraints or small-to medium-sized businesses looking for expandability and high performance computing functionality.

ML (Tower Server): These expandable tower servers are used often by small-to medium -sized businesses looking for a comprehensive server solution.

BL (Blade): HP's Blade servers are perfect solutions for data center use since they consolidate cooling, redundancy, networking, security and storage into one modular platform. They adapt to change quickly with cloud-ready architecture and virtualization solutions.

MicroServer:The MicroServer is a general, all-purpose server that is a viable option for smaller companies who require onsite storage and basic Windows functionality.

Networking Infrastructure

Building a solid network infrastructure your company can rely on depends upon the smaller components that make up the whole infrastructure. High speed routers, access points and switches may seem like behind-the-scenes technology, but their importance cannot be overlooked.

LightHouse offers a variety of SonicWALL and Cisco routers and access points, which our engineers will implement and configure for you, to keep your wireless traffic moving at optimum speed and security.

In addition, HP's large variety of easy-to-manage, plug and play Gigabit connectivity switches allow you to choose those suited to your business environment. Talk to us about which options would work best for you. To learn more about the details of our networking infrastructure products, contact us today.


Storage needs can vary between small-to midsize companies and large organizations. However, one thing that remains consistent is the need for reliable, secure data back-up and recovery. With HP's storage options, you will have peace-of-mind that your sensitive data is backed-up and easily retrievable.

Storage Area Network (SAN): This allows for a strong data management and the ability to handle high volumes of data transfers using high-end servers.

Tape Storage (LTO): Created for SMBs, HP's LTO tape drives add a high level of security due to its data hardware encryption which protects data and allows only authorized personnel access to the tape cartridges. The encryption also allows the data to be compressed which keeps backups from slowing down performance and data transfer rates.

Network Attached Storage (NAS): HP's NAS option is suitable for larger organizations that need to store a high volume of data, but still require access from various computers within the network. Compared to traditional file servers, NAS offers faster data access and uncomplicated configuration.

Printing and Imaging

If you are looking to streamline your company's printing process and improve your document quality and consistency, take a look at the full array of HP printing and imaging options offered by LightHouse.

Whether you need stand-alone devices with high volume capacity or smaller desktop models, color or B&W inkjets or laser printers, MFP printers, copiers and scanners, we will find a solution to suit your business environment.


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